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Top 5 Overall Jobs

Posted on 18 November, 2014 at 9:25

After gathering relevant data, these are the recommended jobs based on popularity, company and salary. Take note that several factors were also taken into account such as projected growth, employee satisfaction, stress levels, varied career options and possible career advancement.


1. Information Technology

Why it’s great: Small, medium and large entities greatly rely on the use of computers and software. Background in information technology will give you a broad selection of opportunities and will allow you entry to jobs like software developer, computer systems analyst, database administrator, IT consultant, cloud architect, mobile applications developer and web developer. With ample experience, career advancement is possible in project management roles. Pay rate could be very high depending on specialization.

Where to find work: Software provider companies like SAS and Intuit, cloud computing companies like, Internet product and service providers like Google, mobile applications, businesses that rely greatly on computers, and at home as a freelancer.

2. Accounting

Why it’s great: Finance is always tied to business activities and the need for individual financial and tax services make accountants always in demand in the market. Accounting opens up opportunities to high paying jobs like that of financial analysts, financial controllers, chief financial officers, fund managers and university professors.

Where to find work: Financial business entities such as Edward Jones, Financial Dealers and Robert W. Baird & Co., corporations, government offices, non-profit organizations, healthcare industries, and catering to own private clients.

3. Engineering

Why it’s great: All forms of engineering jobs are said to be currently in demand as more and more resources are now being made available to engineering industries. Engineering jobs are often offered desirable rates in different industries such as in mining, electrical, civil, mechanical, marine, aerospace and industrial engineering practices. Career advancement is possible where one could work as a technical specialist, project manager and engineering manager.

Where to find work: Construction companies like DPR Construction, transportation, telecommunications, power plants, repair, offices, large corporations, manufacturing plants, research labs, hospitals, management, and in own businesses.

4. Anesthesiology

Why it’s great: Medicine practice attracts very high salaries but out of all the fields of specializations, anaesthesiologists reported to have higher satisfaction rating. This is the second highest paid specialization following surgery. Work is available in almost all locations.

Where to find work: Hospitals, pain management and trauma centres, military facilities, outpatient and home care centres, private clinics and universities as educators.

5. Market Research

Why it’s great: Business owners must make good decisions with their money and would rather spend a relatively small amount on market research to ensure a successful venture than lose everything in a bad investment. As long as there are new products and services in the market, there will always be job opportunities for market research analysts. With a projected growth rate of 41%, the future looks promising for job seekers in this field.

Where to find work: Finance and insurance, management, scientific and technical consulting services, wholesale trade, management of companies and enterprises, manufacturing, government, and universities in teaching positions.


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