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Top 10 Underrated Jobs (Careercast.Com's 2013 Report)

Posted on 18 November, 2014 at 9:20

Some of the jobs available may not look very attractive but when it comes to job growth and pay, these could be equally rewarding. Listed in here is’s list of the most underrated jobs of 2013.


1. Computer Systems Analyst

Job growth looks promising for computer systems analysts with number of employees expected to increaseby 22%. This shows a strong compensation package with the top earners receiving salaries over US$120,000.

Median Salary: US$76,680

2. Veterinarian

More people are now buying pets and their love for these is tied with the need to obtain the services of veterinarians, which could be accounted for the projected growth of 36% in the next 7 years.

Median Salary: US$84,460

3. Biologists

Biologists have enjoyable working conditions and work in low stress level environments. This job offers minimal physical demands and a promising growth rate of 31%.

Median Salary: US$72,700

4. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts are needed in different sectors, offering you a vast variety of opportunities. This is one of the fastest growing fields at the expected growth rate of 41% according to BLS.

Median Salary: US$60,300

5. Accountants

The changing economic trends did not affect the demand for accountants in the market. With a growth rate of 16%, this job is expected to still be much needed by several industries for the next several years.

Median Salary: US$63,550

6. Emergency Medical Technicians

The escalating demand for emergency medical technicians presents an opportunity for people who want to work in healthcare. Courses in EMT is not as lengthy as the ones required in other medical jobs.

Median Salary: US$31,020

7. Legal Assistants

Paralegals have experienced salary increases in the past years and working as one is a good way to test the waters if you are considering a job as a lawyer. This job offers a bit of prestige and is intellectually challenging.

Median Salary: US$46,990

8. Civil Engineer

It is projected that there will be more infrastructure-related projects which gives civil engineering jobs a possible growth of 19%. Expected salary is high and this job often promises positive working conditions.

Median Salary: US$79,340

9. School Principal

Academe does not always offer high salaries but school principals are an exception. This job is considered meaningful as it offers you the ability to influence the lives of students.

Median Salary: US$87,760

10. Plumbers

Plumbing jobs continue to stay strong in the industry while other jobs in the construction sector are not so lucky. The potential income could be more than US$80,000.

Median Salary: US$49,140


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